What's important

One benefit of the recession is the way that expectations and priorities have been challenged for us. Old ways of doing things have shifted, and past principles and values questioned. This is difficult and stressful, and the impact is only beginning to bite, yet also this gives us a push to revisit what underpins our own actions and choices, and make the shifts that lead to a more meaningful life.

A positive response to changing times is to reflect on what is important to us, what our priorities are and thus where the focus for action in our lives could be. It is aso a way of taking back some control - when it can seem as if we have none.

Connecting with our core beliefs and values is happening all around us during this season; drawing on our inner and immediate resources the trend of the moment.  Make this a more conscious act, and see the benefits in your life.

In my experience as a life-work coach I see that we get what we focus on - and we tend to focus on our priorities.  Are you clear that the priorities that guide your thoughts and actions are really the ones you hold true? 

The simple act of asking yourself what is important to you, over the coming days and weeks, and noting your responses in a dairy or notebook will create a template against which to conduct a reality check. Then, if there is a mismatch between your principles and your routine actions you can make the changes that bring you closer to your true self. These will be from the basis of real clarity about what is important to you.

The greatest stress seems to result when we are acting against the true self; conversely the greatest joy and satisfaction evolve when we are moving closer to a strong and practical connection with all that we hold to be true and dear.