It's the transition that's hard.....

Tough times challenge us to make changes.  Once the change is in place then it's relatively plain sailing to get the practicalities established; not necessarily easy but generally straightforward as we are on the path. Until then we face all manner of difficulties.

Coming to terms with what is happening to us and deciding how to respond are two stages that go hand in hand.  Feeling muddled and not sure which way to turn for the best are common experiences, as are wanting to do the right thing, and protect those around us.

Talking to somone outside the immediate context, who helps us see things more clearly, weigh up options and decide on the best way forward can make all the difference.  Knowing there is an objective sounding board, with heaps of experience in helping people make the best of change does much for our clarity of thought and confidence in finding the right course of action.

It may well be that you want to help those around you who are dealing with transition, or you are going through it yourself.  A few sessions of life-work coaching will be a good investment. You can learn how best to support others, or develop a clear direction and practical strategies for yourself. 

'The process was uncomplicated and a lot of common sense, but that doesn't detract from the value it delivered. The benefit also comes from having an objective viewpoint from a third party who is able to help you identify what is important and what needs to change.'