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One benefit of the recession is the way that expectations and priorities have been challenged for us. Old ways of doing things have shifted, and past principles and values questioned. This is difficult and stressful, and the impact is only beginning to bite, yet also this gives us a push to revisit what underpins our own actions and choices, and make the shifts that lead to a more meaningful life.

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'Eve has an amazing breadth and depth of knowledge and techniques, and worked out what was most useful for me personally. She brings her diverse and eclectic practice to bear in tailoring not only the overall work, but each session individually. The most fabulous work I've ever done with anyone!'

Are you facing changes in your life or your work? Do you want to find ways to improve things?

Change may be for you personally, or maybe you are helping someone else - perhaps within your organisation or family - to initiate or deal with a change.

Sometimes the life or career changes we want to make are clear: getting through interviews successfully, dealing with redundancy, finding an ideal (or at least better) job, doing better at work, managing stress or time more efficiently, resolving relationship problems, achieving a better life-work balance.

Fundamentally, being more fulfilled, successful, happier.

Whilst we can know that change is needed, we are not always clear of what the outcome would be, or how to find a way through from the present to the future. Indeed, if it were easy you would have fixed it by now.

Lives are busy and few of us find the time to stand back, look at the bigger picture in a more structured way, and define what we want. Coaching helps because it is time-effective, focussed on you, and practical.

Let me help you to move forwards positively and achieve the changes you want. You will find some possibilities and suggestions here, which I hope will inspire you to take the next steps.