Managing Change and Uncertainty - Practical Help

These are challenging times.

Stress, anxiety and uncertainty are common responses to the global economic crisis.  Many of us are being forced to make changes in our working and personal lives to adapt to the forces of external change. Career uncertainty, redundancy and financial worries all take their toll.

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'This is a sensitive and potentially difficult subject for individuals and the organisation, and Eve's identification of the areas for training and discussion and the resulting sessions were all expertly informed to meet a wide variety of needs with equal satisfaction. The training led to people changing their ideas and their practice.'

'I was finding my situation so stressful, and in my sessions we worked out a way to create some balance so that I could address the root of the problem.  Eve also helped me learn how to relax with some very simple techniques and straightforward strategies that I can easily use.'

'Eve helped me compartmentalise aspects of my life into those I could affect and change and those I currently had no control over - I found this immensely helpful. She gave me some insightful and useful techniques to maintain a positive outlook and keep positive energy around me at really stressful times.'

Stress and Well-Being

Many of us say that we thrive under pressure - it helps to keep us motivated. But pressure to excess leads to stress. This can affect health and undermine performance, consequently creating many potential problems, both at work and personally.

It is a legal requirement for organisations to provide a duty of care to employees and to implement practical strategies to reduce pressure. This encourages high performance and well-being for the individual, the team and the business. I offer a well-researched, tested and proven programme specifically for managers, which provides a structured and positive way to tackle this sensitive area.

Participants learn how to prevent the negative effects of stress within their team, to manage someone who has had or is experiencing high periods of pressure and to reintegrate those returning to work after a period of absence. If you would like further information on this programme please go to the CONTACT page.

I also offer a consultancy service to organisations developing well-being and stress management programmes, and can support this with additional courses including training your trainers to deliver.

Additionally, if you are concerned about someone currently experiencing unhealthy stress, one-to-one executive coaching is a cost-effective way to provide the support that helps them move forward.