Coaching or counselling?

Coaching and counselling are very different. Although they are both valuable sources of support, their emphasis is different.

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Why choose coaching?

'I had reached a watershed in my personal life and realised I needed to spend more time redefining my sense of self.'

'I was fed up with my job, but anxious about leaving it in the current climate, and my hours were so long I had no time to think about a plan'

'I decided to pursue life-work coaching as I had reached a point in my life where I needed a new direction and really didn't have clue what it could be. I was finding it difficult to make decisions and needed to speak to someone impartial.'

'A difficult situation at work was making me lose my confidence; I needed a plan of action to restore it.'

'I wanted to return to work after having my children, but couldn't face my old long-hours career and the pressures that would create for the family. The challenge was to find a role that used my skills and talents but fitted into my life.'

'I had been made redundant. I didn't know what to do for the best, and how to keep my spirits up, when it affected my family as well as me.'

Life-Work Coaching

Life-work coaching is a practical way of helping you achieve the changes you want or need in your life.

Sometimes people start because of a sense of dissatisfaction, and then we would explore what you are unhappy with in your life, identify the obstacles to greater fulfilment and find ways to overcome them. Others come for a specific purpose, say making career choices or a change of job, or improving work-life balance or getting more that you want from your time.

Inevitably we will - at some stage in the process - define your goals and identify the practical steps needed to achieve them. I believe, however, that for many the goal setting is the hardest thing to do. Once you are clear then it is relatively easy to move on. Without clarity we spend hours in fruitless activity, unfocused on what we really want: if we don't' know where we are going, we end up somewhere else!

So I will help you to define what you really want, and identify the steps to achieve it. I will also support you through the process, and this may involve you developing some skills, such as interview presentation or assertiveness or relaxation. As a result of all this you take control, move forward and achieve the changes - and the lifestyle - you desire.

The coaching process

  • gives you structured time in which to think
  • helps you define and set personal goals
  • offers you practical techniques and support to achieve those goals
  • enables you to achieve a greater balance in your life
  • helps you develop the skills and strategies to be more effective
  • fits in with your schedule at times to suit you (early morning, evening and Saturday appointments)
  • costs less that you would think
  • gets results

Living a life that does not fulfil has a way of undermining our sense of self-worth, and distancing us from who we really are. In coaching you explore your priorities and focus on what is important; this forges the connections to your sense of self and re-establishes confidence and self-esteem. This has a great impact on well-being and effectiveness that spills into in all areas of your life and work.