Why choose coaching?

 'I was facing a redundancy situation and had attended 2 interviews but did not get either job. Feedback from one interview indicated that I had not clearly answered the questions and communicated my abilities particularly well.'

'I was looking for support and guidance in the management of my team at work.'

'I was being made redundant and wanted to start my own business. I needed help to look forward and take practical steps to take control of my life.'

'We were restructuring, and some colleagues were at risk of redundancy. Others were taking on new roles. Short-term coaching supported people through the process.'


'In just one session I found a new direction. The execises I completed beforehand really helped and got my mind in the right place before our discussion took place. I definitely now recognise my worth and what I can contribute.'

'I had been promoted and was finding it difficult to make my mark, particularly with my manager. Working with Eve helped me develop positive ways to improve the relationship and this in turn made a big difference to what I could achieve at work.'

'The interview advice was so valuable - I was well prepared, and I got the job!'

'We explored so many things about my work and career that I had not considered before; I feel like I am back in the game.'

Executive Coaching

If you are reading this you may well be considering how to achieve positive direction and change for your business, your team or in your own working life or career. Perhaps you are seeking help for others at work or for family members and acquaintances.

Executive coaching supports those facing challenging situations, identifies ways to limit the impact of pressure and aims to release the best performance possible. Our focus is primarily work or career issues, although if relevant we can take the work-life balance into account too. In a busy working life it creates structured time to think and plan the best approach, so that results are achieved positively and confidently.

It is useful for times of greater challenge, such as a promotion, when facing difficult or complex situations at work, or when dealing with corporate or personal change. By addressing specific personal development issues in a time-effective manner, both organisational and individual benefits are delivered quickly. These can include greater commitment, retention of key personnel, a clearer strategic direction, more creative outlook in strategy, better planning, greater team working and improved management of staff.

Executive coaching benefits anyone seeking:

  • an objective viewpoint
  • the opportunity to stand back and take stock
  • space to set a strategy
  • help in achieving goals
  • specific skills such as time management
  • techniques for a better life-work balance
  • practise for public speaking or interviews
  • practical ways of dealing with sensitive or difficult issues
  • guidance on managing stress or stressed personnel