Coaching or Counselling

Coaching and counselling are very different. Although they are both valuable sources of support, their emphasis is different.

The focus in coaching is on moving forward. We do this by reviewing your present situation, clarifying what is important both now and in the future, setting goals and planning action to achieve them.  Unlike counselling we tend not to look back, and do not focus on past, personal history or why things are as they are. Instead we tend to say: What do you want to do about it? How can the situation be improved? Our story is at the heart of who we are, but rather than focus on the past story we create the future story.

Some people go to counselling and coaching concurrently and this can be helpful if you are dealing with lots of imposed changes, uncertainty or unhappiness. As in counselling, with your coach you will address and confront change. However, in coaching our priority is to explore the steps to make it happen. You will nearly always take practical actions away from a life-work coaching session, depending on how much you can reasonably fit in. The sessions’ frequency and timing are entirely flexible and fit around your schedule and our programme together, unlike counselling, which tends to require a weekly regular commitment.

Coaching is not always about a problem or concern. It is frequently about shifts in the day to day, about paying attention to your own happiness and fulfilment, about taking your well-being seriously: about achieveing your dreams.