Is your life busy? 

Have you tried other methods of achieving change which have not been successful? 

Do you want to identify goals and determine ways to move forward?

Are you looking for an approach which is flexible and fits in with your schedule?

Perhaps you are concerned about others going through high-pressure or stressful situations.

Are you seeking a specialist who can assist with career development needs, such as making successful presentations, time management or interview skills.

You may have been recently promoted and face new challenges. Or you may be fed-up with your job.

If you choose to work with me I will listen, assess the issues quickly, and help you devise way to resolve them. It will start a process that will lead to the changes you desire.


The Process

The choice of a coach is crucial so I advise an initial, no-obligation, no-charge telephone call to discuss your objectives and what you would like us to work on together. You will also be able to assess if I am the right coach for you and decide if you want to proceed.

At this point the first session is booked, and lasts generally 2 hours. Subsequent sessions are usually 1.5 hours with advice on interim action and activity to support and consolidate the content of the session. If budgets are tight, the more you can achieve between sessions, the more cost-effective it is.

The process is completely flexible and client-led. Your objectives will determine the number of sessions and over what time scale. The solutions will come from you, which means you are in control of how you progress to a successful conclusion. You only commit session by session and can opt out at any time without prejudice. After all, it is very positive if you achieve your goals ahead of plan!

Because I know how difficult it can be in a busy life to find time for yourself I offer appointments in the evenings, early mornings and on some Saturdays, as well as during the working week.

The first sessions are preferably face-to-face, but once the programme is underway, Skype or telephone sessions of one hour are an option, with email contact in between. If you are not able to travel to South London then we can have the first session by Skype.

All sessions are absolutely confidential and within organisations, where I may be coaching more than one person, all boundaries are protected.

If you would like to contact me, please complete the details on the Contact page.

I look forward to working with you.