'I have really appreciated the setting of realistic goals, both as a prompt to do things and for gaining a real sense of achievement.'

'I found talking things through helped greatly. Also, having clear actions to resolve issues and seek opportunities was a great help. My plans turned to actions and then to change.'


Here are just some of my clients' views on coaching. Remember, that in many cases, coaching can be short term and relatively quick, but you can achieve powerful, long-reaching results. 

My previous job didn't end as well as I would have liked. And this meant that I found moving forward in my career very difficult.  Working with Eve helped me put my achievements into perspective and to present myself more positively.  As a result I got back my confidence and did a storming interview which has secured me a challenging and interesting new job!
Instead of going for the quick fix as I might have done before, life coaching has opened my mind to layers in my life that interact and interrelate. The process of investigating, acting on and changing these layers has been lengthy but very rewarding. I have learnt a great deal about my self, my strengths, weaknesses and desires. I am in a much better, clearer place than when I started the life coaching process.
Coaching really helped me work through each scenario logically. I was able to work through each issue and find the positives. With regards to how I developed my career and what kind of role I wanted to pursue next, I found new ways to seek opportunities. Also, by working through what aspects of life and work inspired me and made the most of my personality, I was able to seek out a job role and lifestyle that I wanted.
I felt really positive when I came away from sessions and I had a clear set of actions to work with. By taking a more logical and planned approach to decision making, I was able to achieve my original objectives, especially relating to career choice.
I benefited in more ways then I expected. The work we did helped me to look at a much broader range of issues then simply how to answer interview questions. Covering issues re assertiveness, confidence etc helped me to look at some of the reasons why I was not projecting a positive image at interview. Also, by working on what the key messages were that I wanted to communicate it helped me to identify clear and strong statements to use at interview.
The process has been far more all encompassing than I ever imagined it to be. I guess I had thought that I would look at my career in isolation without realising that discovering more about me might lead me to paths I had previously imagined I could never travel.