New skills

When you are implementing a change, it is often the case that you need some new skills to help drive it forward, such as time management or advanced assertiveness - or managing your manager.  Working on skills in a one-to-one session means that you focus on your specific context, the learning is tailored to your needs and objectives,  and you get quick results.

I also run skillls training for groups.

'The course was relaxed, uplifting, empowering, adeptly facilitated, varied, practical, fun!'


I have been working as an executive and life-work coach for over 20 years, well before coaching was as accepted as it is now, and when there were very few of us around.

I am also a trainer, run groups and give talks. I started coaching because people would ask me to work one-to-one with them, and my practice has grown since then, with all my clients referred personally. I love the fact that in coaching sessions we are totally focused on you, and how powerful this process is for creating change. On a practical level, for busy people it is a time and cost-effective way to achieve results.

I am based just off the Northcote Road in Battersea, South West London and have lived here for over 20 years now. I am a short walk from Clapham Junction Station, or Clapham South tube, and close to many bus routes. I work on Skype and phone as well as face to face, and have very flexible hours.

My background is in training consultancy and a significant part of my work is to help you to learn what you need to do to make the changes happen. I have specialised in stress and well-being, leadership, career management and women's development, and deliver training and talks, as well as coaching, in all of these areas. I work both corporately for large organisations and in the not for profit and education sectors, as well as with private clients.

In previous careers I worked in market research, as a secondary school teacher and leader, as a management consultant and have co-authored two successful books (on stress management and professional development). I have an M.Ed in Human Relations, and my first degree is in Education, English and Drama.

In my own life I am a working mother, have come through serious illness, and managed to divorce collaboratively. Like most, I have had my share of life challenges, however, I know that with the right support, effective professional input along the way and a personal commitment to change, anything is possible.